Inbox Dollars-Waste of Time? Liars?

Most likely if you’ve known me for awhile, you received an invitation to join a site called Inbox Dollars. This is a site that sends emails to your inbox and when you click the link to verify you read the email, you earn 2 cents. They also send surveys that can earn money, plus partnering with companies like Disney, BLockbuster, Netflix, etc to earn you money for joining those services. Well, when I joined they required minimum earnings of $20 before you could request payment. Of course, by the time I got to $20, they decided to raise that minimum to $30. However, when I cashed out my first $30 worth of earnings last year, I was charged $3 for the privilege of being paid the money I earned. I was told that since I had made it to my first payment level, I was being upgraded to a Gold Account and could now be paid out no matter how much money I had earned to date. Welp, lo and behold, wouldn’t you now it, I requested payment today and was told I had to earn the first $30 again. And I was told that if I don’t want to lose the almost $22 I have earned 2 cents a pop, I have to keep my account until it accrues $30 again. You can bet that I’ll be canceling that as soon as I earn the $30 again and receive my check.


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