Fourth of July Weekend

“Back in the day”, as the younger generation would say, we’d be preparing for the big block party in the neighborhood that we were going to have tomorrow. We’d be having fireworks, but maybe not sparklers this year. We’d be having a huge buffet style meal, lasting pretty much most of the day. A number of families would be bringing barbecues down and doing hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and a variety of other tasty treats. There’d be socializing and game playing. Everyone would have a great time.

Flash forward about 10 to 15 years, move across the valley and my family and I would be spending most of the night of the 4th under a table, hoping the people shooting the guns are pointing them  in other directions than ours. Sometimes we’d hear one coming back down hit our roof and roll off somewhere.

What ever happened to those “good old days”, when all you had to fear was maybe a roman candle tipping over or a butterfly spinning your way. I speak with people I know 5 and 10 years my juniors, as well as my kids’ ages and they have no idea what a block party is, what a potluck is. Personally, that’s a shame. The purpose of this holiday is the celebrate our Country’s Independence as a neighborhood, as a community, as a Nation. Together. Not as a single family, having a barbecue and beers in the backyard, alone. Maybe heading out to the park or the pond or the lake and watching fireworks. It’s a time to forget partisan politics and remember one thing, and one thing only, we’re Americans, we’re proud of it and we’re proud and thankful for our Freedom.

I plant this seed knowing it’s too late for this year. Let’s bring those days back, when neighbor knew and liked neighbor. When neighbors would talk over the backyard fences or in front of each others houses, maybe going inside to finish talking because it’s too hot or cold out. When the planning for big weekends like the Fourth and Memorial Day there’s a big get together and fun times are had.


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