Freelance Hiring Sites Are Depressing

So Bright Hub is no more. They say that Google has made changes to their page ranking system that makes it so that they can no longer maintain their business model within the channels that most of their writers were working in. No more Home Improvement, Automotive, or Engineering channels. Supposedly Engineering isn’t scientific or technical.

So I’ve been looking at sites such as Freelancer, Elance, and a few others. Depressing. These are sites where the freelancer bids on posted projects. But they’ve opened them up to “emerging market” freelancers. People that can live on an income of less than $10 a day. Most of the people/companies posting projects on these sites don’t want to pay anything more than $2 for 500 well researched words. At the absolute maximum. In other words, they want you to spend 3 hours for $2. Absolutely insane. What adult with bills can actually live on that? I don’t know anybody that can. Do you?


About freelancemike

Freelance writer specializing in automotive repair and customizing and home repair and remodeling articles.
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2 Responses to Freelance Hiring Sites Are Depressing

  1. When I do a goo-gle search, it changes my search criteria giving me a huge list of sites unrelated to my search. Is this part of the change to goo-gle you are talking about?

    • They never fully explained it. They just said that Google had made changes to their page ranking system and that they could no longer continue the shared income model they had. It cost well over a thousand writers our jobs, for many of us, our main or sole source of income.

      My guess would be yes, that’s part of it.

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